Location: Kahului Triangle Square Clinic, 425 Koloa Street #102

MDi’s CT services are accredited by the American College of Radiology.

A CT scanner combines X-Ray with advanced computer processing, to take very thinly sliced images of bones, organs, blood vessels, and even your heart. These slices may be compiled into multi-dimensional pictures or may be examined individually. CT scans help doctors diagnose a wide variety of conditions earlier and faster than ever before, and aids in determining proper treatment options.

You may be given a contrast agent (intravenously or orally) to make certain tissues stand out more clearly against their surroundings, which will improve diagnostic accuracy. The contrast is safe, and will leave your body naturally in a few hours.CT Scan

It is very important to notify your physician and/or the CT Technologist PRIOR to your CT exam, if you are pregnant, suspect you may be pregnant, or have any allergies. Please notify your physician if you are diabetic as a simple blood test may be required prior to your CT Scan.

Our state of the art CT system is specially designed to provide the lowest and safest radiation dose possible.

The equipment has a more open and unobstructed view, offering greater comfort than conventional “tube shaped” machines. You can see outside of the machine and even talk to your Technologist during the exam, reducing potential claustrophobic effects.