Location: Kahului Triangle Square Clinic, 425 Koloa Street #102 MDi’s MRI services are accredited by the American College of Radiology

  • MDI was the first Imaging Center on Maui to offer the most powerful MRI in clinical use today: THE 3-T (tesla).
  • Our state-of-the-art scanner produces detailed images of your body, utilizing high-resolution. You won’t find better equipment to help your doctor determine the best treatment for your condition. Best of all: MRI uses NO RADIATION.
  • All of our patients – especially those with mild to moderate claustrophobia - will enjoy our cutting-edge Resonance Technology.
  • You can enjoy a DVD movie or just watch television while being scanned.
  • You can even listen to streaming music from the genre of your choice or you may bring your own.
  • Please read our information brochure carefully for important information about safety in and around the magnetic field of the scanner; intravenous contrast and to learn about what is appropriate to wear for your MRI .

You may download the MRI questionnaire if you wish, to fill out in advance and bring with you to your appointment. The questionnaire will also be provided to you upon arrival at our clinic if you prefer to do it then. MRI Safety Screening Questionnaire